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Scenic Design
Scale Model
• Assist in communication with Production Team regarding scenic transitions
• Trial painting method
• Team of approximately 8 volunteers construct the entire set in approximately 120 hours
Final Product
Lighting Design
Lighting Key
This paperwork is very helpful when creating the plot. It helps to determine what type of lights need to be in every spot and what it is used for. This paperwork also helps create a magic sheet for programming cues
Describes lighting systems for each area on the stage
Used in creating the lighting plot and magic sheet
Front of House Plot
When working with volunteers, they have little to no experience when it comes to focusing lights. Assigning colors to each area and a lighting fixture helps them understand where lights are to be focused at a quick glance.
Describe the location and what fixtures are to be hung on the front of house electrics
Colors are used to assist in focusing the lights
Sound Design
83 Actors
32 Wireless Microphones
8 Orchestra Inputs
Production Photos
     Director: Blake Rushing
Scenographer: Harrison Heinig
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