Holiday Spectacular
Sound Engineer
23 Amplified Actors
14 Orchestra Members
21 Wireless Microphones
2 Venues
Board Programming
The majority of the programming for this show is checking to ensure that last years show will work for the current year. Each remount the programming has to be touched up and occasionally we start from scratch.
DCA Programming to assist in only having the necessary microphones open
Pre-production paperwork to assist in programming prior to the tech process
Assist in maintaining the integrity of the show in future years of the production
System Installation
When installing this system the majority of the time is spent setting a proper speaker delay. After setting a rough delay time based off the speaker position a click track is played through the speakers to find any flams.
Install the system in multiple locations
Tune and delay the system with the assistance of the Sound Designer
Focus Speakers prior to the Sound Designer arriving
Digital Script Creation
Using a digital script allows for a much simpler remount each year. Having all the DCAs already listed and only making changes to what is new makes this process much simpler
Maintain show integrity throughout many years
Easier communication between the Designer and Engineer
Remove all non-essential information
Match Stage Managers page numbers for consistency
Director: Kirsten Osbun-Manley
Scenic: Kurt Sharp
Costumes: Cathy Smalley
Lighting: Lynda Matusek
Sound: Ray Nardelli
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