This software was created with professional educators in order to assist in testing high school students' knowledge of the cell membrane. memBrain is a time basedĀ game that a student would play after the completion of a teaching unit on the cell membrane.
In this game the user advances through various stages of the cell membrane and answers questions. If the user answers questions correctly they are awarded points and continue to advance through the stages. Should a user answer incorrectly they will lose points and have to answer more questions correctly to advance.
At the beginning of the game the teacher can set a difficulty level that will allow a student to advance through the stages of the cell membrane quicker. These levels of difficulty are displayed by different molecules that would pass through the cell membrane. For example, water passes through the cell membrane easily and only takes three questions to advance through a stage, where sugar is more difficult and takes five questions to advance.
In orderĀ to correspond the game with any teacher's lesson plan along with the curated questions a teacher can add their own questions and answers to better suit their needs.
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