Spring Awakening
Sound Engineer
16 Actors
14 Orchestra Inputs
24 Wireless Microphones
26 Outputs
Frequency Coordination
The greatest challenge when working on this production was the use of three different types of wireless microphones. We used eighteen Shure ULXD1s, three Shure Beta 87as, and three Sennheiser SKM 100 G4-S. To ensure that no cross frequency occured we used Shure Wireless Workbench. Using this software we scanned for available frequencies and program each microphone to a frequency band that had little to no traffic on it.
Three different types of microphones
Ensure that each microphone has a unique dedicated frequency
Shure Wireless Workbench
Microphone Tracking
When a microphone is used by more than one actor it is essential to track who has what microphone and when. For this production it was also imperative that we track exactly when the handheld was used instead of an actor's lavalier mic so that we could use the proper EQ. Many of the mic swaps occurred on stage in the middle of a number. To successfully perform all the mic swaps and programming, there was a very high level of communication between Management and Audio.
6 Wireless handhelds that switch between actors
Unique EQ for each actor when using a specific handheld
Pre-production communication with Stage Management
Input / Output
This pre-show paperwork allows the engineer to install and program the show prior to the the tech process. This document was also used to increase communication between the engineer and the designer.
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