Sweet Charity
Sound Engineer
21 Actors
21 Orchestra Members
28 Microphones
18 Speakers
Speaker Plot
Using a speaker plot makes it much simpler for myself and the Sound Designer to communicate about the show. Not only does it assist in focusing the speakers but it also helps when determining what each speaker is used for 
Pre-production paperwork to assist in the installation of the system
Specifies the throw for all speakers and how they should be focused prior to the Sound Designer arriving
Used to determine cable runs and how many amps will need to be used
System Line Diagram
Microphone Tracking
When working with more actors than wireless microphones it is essential to make sure that each solo line is mic'd at the least. Microphone tracking allows all members of the Audio Crew and Stage Management to determine who swaps mics and when.
Ensure that all actors with a solo line are amplified at the time the line is delivered
Pre-production communication with Stage Management
Coordinate with actors and the A2 when and how swaps occur
Director: Courtney Kattengell
Scenic: Brian Ruggaburg
Costumes: Ameera Ansari
Lighting: Kathe DeVault
Sound: Chuck Hatcher
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