Andrew Lippa's Wild Party
Sound Engineer
16 Actors
10 Orchestra Member
36 Microphones
2 Sound Boards
System Diagram
Pre-show paperwork that allows the engineer to install and program the show     -before the tech process begins
Orchestra Amplification
The greatest challenge when working on this production was that the orchestra was not in the space. Every instrument needed to be piped in and individually mic'd. The only Orchestra member in the space was the music director who also played Keys 1. A video feed was run for the orchestra of the Music Director and the Space.
Orchestra Programming to ensure that the correct EQ was being used for each instrument
Musicians were not in the space
Unique channel per instrument for more precise EQs
Pre-show communication with Music Director
Board Programming
If a board is not programmed well it is becomes very difficult to manage during a show. Programming the scenes allows me to simplify a run so that I have time to accomplish the Sound Designer's artistic vision while also assisting the actors rather than simply turning on a microphone.
Pre-production paperwork that determines which microphones should be on in a scene on the board
Pre-production communication with Stage Management about Ensemble members
Program the board both during and prior to the tech process
Production Photos
Director: Courtney Kattengell
Scenic: Ken Ellis
Costumes: Ivy Swinski
Lighting: Kathe DeVault
Sound: Tobias Peltier
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