Young Frankenstein
Sound Engineer
26 Actors
14 Orchestra Members
21 Wireless Microphones
19 Speakers
Orchestra Amplification
One of the most difficult parts of working with the Orchestra is helping the musicians to trust me, and know that I am doing everything possible to make them sound amazing.
Orchestra Programming at the board to ensure that only the microphones needed are being output into the system
Pre-production communication with Music Director and Sound Designer
In depth communication with musicians involving their microphone(s) and their personal mix
Digital Script Creation
Creating a digital script and digital allows the Sound Designer and myself have to have more in-depth conversations both during and before tech rehearsals.
Minimizes confusion during the run of the show
Simpler communication between the Designer and Engineer
Remove all non-essential information
Match Stage Mangers page numbers for consistency
A2 Training
I often take on the responsibilities of an A2 along with the Engineer's, this is due to the fact that I regularly work with A2s that have little to no experience. One of the most helpful tools during shows is WaveTools. This software allows the A2 to PFL the actors microphones while also allowing myself and the A2 to communicate.
Train an inexperienced A2 to help them understand their responsibilities and how best to assist the engineer
Set-up A2 station and all needed equipment
Train Actors on proper microphone etiquette
Director: James Gray
Scenic: Mihai Ciupe
Costumes: Kevin Koski
Lighting: Kathe DeVault
Sound: Cricket Myers
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